Junior and Senior Does

We started our breeding program with one French Alpine doe and a wonderful black and white Nigerian Dwarf buck. For the past two years, since we began breeding, we have retained all the does (only getting one a year!). Last year, we also added Miss Merrie Mac, a 2013 F1 mini alpine. For the Fall 2014/ Spring 2015 breeding season we will have both F1 and F2 mini alpine kids available, with the new addition of our F2 mini alpine junior buck! Please see our buck page for more information on him! All our mini alpines are registered through the MDGA (Miniature Dairy Goat Association), however, we are willing to help in registering through other groups. 

Senior Doe

End 'O Lane's Zola's Candace- Saanen (Sally)

ADGA Pedigree

Kidded! March 19, 2017! 2 doelings. Both are available for $100 each. These kids will not be registerable, however, they would work nicely for a family farm where milking is the primary goal. She is an excellent producer and produces over a gallon of milk a day. 

doelings: $100
bucks: $75
wethers: $50 

These are photos from the day we brought Sally home! Better conformation pictures are coming!

My daughter, Lily, petting Sally after we arrived home with her!

Feisty Farm Orian's Star- F1 miniature alpine  (Star)

Star is our first F1 mini alpine. 
Due to kid with F2 mini alpines in May 2017
All kids will be available.

Feisty Farm Heidi - F1 miniature alpine (Heidi)
Broken Cou Claire

Heidi is our 2013 F1 doe. 
Due to kid with F2 mini alpines May 2017
all kids available 

The Rodgers Miss Merrie Mac- F1 miniature alpine (Merrie)

Kidded March 15, 2017 1 doe and 1 buck. Both are available for sale. Doe will be sold unregistered for $100 and the buck will be sold as a wether for $50. If purchased together they will be $125 for both. 

We added Miss Merrie to our herd in July 2013! She is our first unrelated doe. 

Feisty Farm Blackberry Shine- F2 miniature alpine (Blackberry)

Blackberry was born a twin doe to Star x Howie

Due to kid with our first American (f3) mini alpines in May 2017
All does will be retained, buck kids available


Name to be determined 

Rose- Nigerian Dwarf

Due to kid with f1 mini alpines in May 2017
All kids available


Feisty Farm Miss Fawn- F2 Miniature Alpine

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