Monday, June 8, 2015

Thank you!

We have had a blessed kidding season thus far! Our first two F1 mini alpines kidded May 27th, 2015, each with twin does! We retained one doe from each kidding! We then had our youngest F1 mini kid May 29th with a single doe kid! On June 1st, our French Alpine doe, Apple, kidded twin does. We ended with 5- F2 mini alpines, and 2- F1 mini alpines.....6 does, one buck! I can't believe it! What a great doe year! We have since sold all the does and the buck! We had two families each take a pair of does to start their own mini alpine herds. We still have, Sally, our Saanen due to kid. She is also bred to our mini alpine buck, Howie. Her kids will not be registered, however, any doe kids will be sold as family milkers ($75), and buck kids will go either intact or wethered ($50).

Again, we are so thankful for a very successful kidding season (so far!) All of our minis were first fresheners and are all milking almost a half gallon a day and are increasing everyday. It is so rewarding to see the girls that you bred show to be such wonderful milking does. They have such wonderful udders and are so easy to milk, which is not always the case with first fresheners, and minis at that!

If anyone is interested in 2016 mini alpines, we will be taking reservations. To reserve a kid, a $50 non refundable deposit is required.

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