Monday, June 8, 2015

Thank you!

We have had a blessed kidding season thus far! Our first two F1 mini alpines kidded May 27th, 2015, each with twin does! We retained one doe from each kidding! We then had our youngest F1 mini kid May 29th with a single doe kid! On June 1st, our French Alpine doe, Apple, kidded twin does. We ended with 5- F2 mini alpines, and 2- F1 mini alpines.....6 does, one buck! I can't believe it! What a great doe year! We have since sold all the does and the buck! We had two families each take a pair of does to start their own mini alpine herds. We still have, Sally, our Saanen due to kid. She is also bred to our mini alpine buck, Howie. Her kids will not be registered, however, any doe kids will be sold as family milkers ($75), and buck kids will go either intact or wethered ($50).

Again, we are so thankful for a very successful kidding season (so far!) All of our minis were first fresheners and are all milking almost a half gallon a day and are increasing everyday. It is so rewarding to see the girls that you bred show to be such wonderful milking does. They have such wonderful udders and are so easy to milk, which is not always the case with first fresheners, and minis at that!

If anyone is interested in 2016 mini alpines, we will be taking reservations. To reserve a kid, a $50 non refundable deposit is required.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Kidding trouble. Thank God for small hands!

Yesterday, May 29th, was my kids and my first day of summer vacation.  They were excited to stay home and play with the four little does that were born two days before. I had put my youngest down for a nap and decided to take one myself, since I hadn't slept well the night before.  My son, who is 7, came running into my room to let me know he had checked on the goats and Heidi was having a baby! This was the doe I had been worried about. She is my smallest and she had a very big belly on her. When I got to the barn, I could hear her. I opened the stall door and could see one foot and a nose. I tried to pull the other foot forward and pull the kid, but the forehead was stuck. Each time I pulled, she would cry and look at me with those same brown eyes she did the day I delivered her. She looked at me as to say, " please, mom, help me!" Of course, my husband was at school, as his last day was that day. My mom and dad weren't home either. There was no one to help me, except my son. I pushed the baby back in and asked my son to hold it at its feet until I got back. I ran out of the barn and called my grandpa. He is in his 70s but he had raised cows when my dad was younger so he knew somewhat what to do, but honestly,  I just needed someone else to be there with me. I remembered a meme I had posted on facebook. It said something along the lines as, " I don't want to adult today." I didn't!  I wanted someone else to take over. After I got ahold of my grandpa I ran back into the barn. I could hear my son soothing the doe. He was telling her it was going to be ok. I told him papaw was on the way. I went in and he had managed to pull the other leg forward.  With the repositioning I was able to get the kid out. I braced myself, because I figured the kid was dead. I told my son to go check on his sisters. I didn't want him to deal with this yet after he had been so brave in helping.  As soon as I got the kid out, it moved. I ripped off the sack, cleared the mouth and blew in his nose.  My grandpa had just gotten there, just moments after I pulled the kid out. My daughter brought me a towel and we dried him off. I trimmed his umbilical cord, dipped his hooves in iodine. She had kidded a single HUGE buck kid, and he was  beautiful! 

Mom and baby are doing great. I decided,  since he was a single and my does were all raised on CAE prevention, that I would allow her to dam raise. She worked hard for that baby!

I am so proud of my son! He usually freaks out in any kind of bad situation,  but this time, he kept it together while I fell apart on the inside a bit. I love my goats. They mean the world to me.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bouncing baby goats!! and DOES at that!!!

Well, it is that time of year on the farm, and we have babies! So far, two of our F1 minis have kidded (on the same night). Merrie kidded a set of broken Chamoisee twin does. They have white on them, and are very flashy girls. Star kidded a twin does, one black and one chamoisee. The black doe will be retained and one of Merrie's does will be retained. The other two does will all be for sale. I will have updated pictures on the for sale page soon, but you can always check us out at facebook! We still have one F1 doe to kid, as well as, our alpine doe and saanen doe. All kids from these does will be for sale.

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