Monday, March 20, 2017

Our Mini Alpine Journey

This year we have a total of six does kidding, four of which are mini alpines! This year we will have our first F3 or American mini alpines, meaning we are that much closer to having purebred Mini Alpines. This has been a long journey for us. We purchased our first French Alpine doe and Nigerian buck in 2010 as bottle babies in hopes to one day get to this point.

After two years of kidding ourselves, and lucking out to find another F1 mini doe locally, we began the mini breeding process with 2 of our own does. We had a difficult time finding the quality of buck we wanted, so in 2014 we purchased and had flown in our Herdsire from Idaho.

The following year, 2015, we kidded out our original herd queen Apple (french alpine doe), and our three mini alpine does, giving us a beautiful crop of 2 F1 doelings, 4 F2 doelings and 1 F2 buckling! We retained one doe from that kidding!

Last year, 2016, we unfortunately lost our French Alpine doe a month before she was due to kid. We then kidded out our three mini alpine does and were blessed with 3 F2 doelings and 3 F2 bucklings; retaining one doe and one buckling.

This year we are kidding out four mini alpine does (one has currently kidded), one nigerian dwarf doe and a saanen doe (currently has kidded).

We are excited to continue this process, and hope that so many more people in our area will learn and fall in love with this awesome breed! They are quite a remarkable goat and are perfect for homesteads, especially with young children.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to reserve a kid of your very own. We are able to offer breeding pairs to help start your herd off right!

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